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There isn't one person that I know that doesn't have a Facebook account. I decline friend requests daily from people such as ex-girlfriend's fathers, old professors that flunked me, and even an old boss from when I was 16. EVERYONE is on it. It is almost common practice to look at someone cross-eyed if they say they are not on Facebook. But how is it that NO other major social media site has gained nowhere near the popularity that Facebook has? Over 300 million use Facebook. Only 50 million each use LinkedIn and Twitter respectively. Selfishly, I want MORE people on LinkedIn and on Twitter. More people = more people for me to network with. So I ask you, my friends, a very important rhetorical question: WHY aren't more people on these other sites? What's the hidden factor? Don't cheat (by scrolling to the bottom). The answer to this question is going to help you dev... (more)

Money, Happiness, and The Importance of Letting Go

Web 2.0 Magazine on Ulitzer I learned a very important lesson a few days ago. I was discussing my new website with Matt Cheuvront, my web designer. He and I were talking through what I wanted my website design to look like and even my personal mission for the site. It was quite important that I figured out where I wanted Stuff For Success to go. For those of you that don’t know, it has become quite large. Despite what my e-mail subscriber count says, the website following has become successful enough that it needs to have a purpose or it WILL fall apart, so thank you all SO much f... (more)

The Six Things SEO "Experts" Won't Tell You, But I Will....

Please note that there are many excellent SEO's out there. The goal of the following article is to open your eyes to those that aren't so "excellent." It's all over the Internet. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the hottest topic out there. Seo Bloggers think that if they write “7 Tips on How to Improve Your SEO” for the 800th time, they will get millions of hits. Companies are – suddenly – feeling the need to create whole SEO departments. Webmasters are compelled to write their content just for the search engines. And everyone else? They just don’t care. But I have something ... (more)

Blogging: Your Content DOES NOT MATTER

Do you know how good it feels like the first time your blog gets a thousand visitors in a day? Neither do I…I’m just kidding. The reality is that there is a very important lesson that you must learn if you want what you write to be read. It’s very simple – yet SO important: There is no way that a stranger is going to read ANYTHING you write unless you begin with a truly awesome title. Don’t believe me? Well, let’s look at an example… Let’s say you have just started building your personal brand and you want to promote a really interesting new piece you just wrote – oh let’s just sa... (more)